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Rough Framing is our specialty and includes all the structural components in a building made of wood and the hardware needed to install those components. Some examples of what’s included are studs, joists, rafters and all sheathing. When the framing is done you will be able to install roofing, exterior wall coverings and get started on mechanical, electrical & plumbing.

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At Calframe, we specialize in a diverse range of projects, including:

– Multi-family developments
– Retirement communities
– Hospitality establishments
– Student housing complexes

**Our Experience**

We’re well-versed in Type V and newer Type III construction methods, offering tailored design recommendations for each type. Whether you require stick-framed or wall panel-built structures, we’re equipped to deliver exceptional results.

**Let’s Discuss Your Options**

Considering stick-framed vs. wall panels? We’re here to help. Contact us to explore the pros and cons and determine the best approach for your project.



Siding is installed after a shear nail inspection and is available as an option in our contract. If you need a quote on siding it’s best to decide what materials shall be used early in the project, and have your architect include specific details.

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Window & Door Installation

Window installation is included or not included in our contract depending on the product specified and client preference. Some windows require a window & door company to install them. When it comes to doors, slider doors are always included with windows. Specialty doors that we do not install are entry doors, pre-hung hinged doors, french doors and interior doors.


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